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Technological HUB

The idea of a technological hub is to provide the space for work and cooperation for all parties with a technological background. It is widely known that it is best to work with someone, whom we can see and talk to. Having this in mind, HUB is a perfect place for intensifying cooperation. We combine skills related to new tech, IT, automation, robotics, energetics and mechanics.

At present in the HUB there are eight companies:

  • Sitaniec Technology
  • Elektromontaż Lublin
  • Ultramoto
  • UM Project
  • Agtel
  • Ascensor

Our technological center aims at creating a space for the dynamic development of all parties included. This could be done by constant exchange of experiences and ideas, as well as by establishing contacts with companies having similar goals and profiles. HUB boosts creating and implementing innovative technological projects, which brings considerable profits to all companies.

Technological HUB is still rapidly growing – our engineers and specialists are engaged in numerous hi-tech projects. If your enterprise is technology-oriented, and seeks for active cooperation – there is a place for you here!