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Temperature sensors

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In our assortment you will find resistance sensors PT100 and PT1000, as well as thermocouples K and J type. These could be carried out in different versions (e.g. various heads and wires). They are used in all types of industries.

PT1 sensors are given extra covering. They are used to measure the temperature of devices, liquids, and gases during running technological processes (e.g. temperature measurements in tanks, pipelines). Most commonly they are done without threads (to be welded). The extra covering is carried out from non – corrosive steel 1.4571, thus sensors can be used in varying conditions.

PT2 sensors are equipped either with resistance sensor, or thermocouple. This sensor is universal. It can carry out measurements in between -200 o C and +400 o C – it all depends on the measurement element that is used. The measurement input can be dismantled without the need to take out the extra covering. The sensor’s minimal diameter is 3 mm. In our offer there are, among other things, Triclamp and dairy joints. Other joints can be requested as well.

PT1 and PT2 sensors are equipped with NA type connexion head, made of aluminum having a high degree of protection. The maximum temperature in which the head is still operational is +150 o C.

PT3 sensors measure the temperature with the use of resistance sensor and thermocouples. It can be used in tanks, pipelines and industrial devices (liquids and gases). The measurement element is made of non – corrosive steel 1.4571, thus changeable conditions will not affect it. It is fully operational in between -200 o C and +600 o C (depending on the measurement element).

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