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It is a family of industry I/O devices operating on digital and analog signals. Particular modules can work individually, or in a group, at the same time creating a multi-element team able to face even the toughest challenges.

System 10 is a flexible response to challenges faced by contemporary automation systems. While designing it, we decided to focus on the flexibility of configuration, and the simplicity of parameterization. A dedicated metal case allows us to use modules in demanding industrial conditions.

What distinguishes System 10 form other products of the kind?

  • Stable work – owing to proper construction and metal case, modules are resistant to various disruptions coming from industrial installations
  • Easy to configure – free software – you can reach it via www browser
  • Compact – one module System 10 replaces up to four former modules: communication module, power supply module, input and output signals modules
  • Internal bus – allows fast communication and stable power supply
  • Easy to set up on DIN rail
  • Profitable price

A standard communication protocol is Modbus TCP. The configuration of all devices can be done via www browser. Status pages can be seen on PC, smartphone and HMI operational panel. The user can get the access to process’ overview without the need to program a visualization.
LED diagnostics allows easy assessment when it comes to the work’s progress. You do not need to use any external equipment for that.

For further information, please visit www.sitaniec.pl