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About Us

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Sitaniec Technology specializes in industrial automation. We provide various components to production plants and factories, which are then used in industrial control installations. We design, develop, programme and maintain industrial machines and installations. Additionally, we design solutions for individual customers, adapted especially to their needs. We focus mainly on devices allowing to automatize production processes, technological lines, and robotic solutions.

Along with our partners we provide complete process solutions. We offer thorough project management, especially in the field of constructing, developing, installing and maintenance machines and installations. Our projects are carried on with the use of high-quality components and latest technology.

As Siemens’s solution partner we offer our full support in:

  • Totally Integrated Automation technology,
  • PLC Simatic controllers,
  • HMI and SCADA visualization systems,
  • Low voltage solutions.

We are closely cooperating with machine producers and technology providers, at the same time we are using the already-gained knowledge and experience in setting up our applications. These serve in numerous industries such as woodworking industry, furniture industry, food industry, beverages, dairy industry, fruit processing, pharmacy, waters and wastewaters, chemical industry and process installations

Our specialties are as follows:

  • Industry automaton,
  • Automaton systems’ integration,
  • Technical support and maintenance,
  • Designing, constructing, developing automation and robotic solutions,
  • Wide offer of automation devices such as sensors, converters, regulators, PLC controllers, HMI units, remote I/O, frequency converters, power supplies, network components, low voltage switch and protection devices.